Fuyuan science and technology - the Blazers of the sapphire industry
Fuyuan science and technology - the Blazers of the sapphire industry
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In 5 years, it invested more than 2 billion yuan to build factories, buy equipment, and do research. Guangdong Fuyuan Technology Co., Ltd. has a group of craftsmen who are devoted to work. The sapphire crystals processed from their hands are stepping into the world and become mobile phones and watches.
In 2011, Fuyuan Technology spent a lot of money to buy the crystal growth furnace from the US GTAT, and spent a year developing technology to produce real artificial sapphire. Even Apple, which has been actively trying to produce, expressed admiration

C-axis sapphire is used for traditional optical products, and A-axis sapphire is used for consumer electronics such as mobile phone screens. Fuyuan Technology reduced costs to half of its peers by further improving the process and two years of efforts
, Serve customers in Japan, the United States, and China Taiwan.

“Sapphire replaces glass screens as a trend. For this reason, Fuyuan Technology has formulated a five-year plan to achieve sales revenue of 5 billion yuan. “Our technology is now leading the industry more than a year and a half. Chairman Zhi-Feng Chi said

That the company has upgraded from the development of substrate materials to new products such as smart phone anti-scratch protective film and camera, and has successfully completed the “one-stop service” of production, research and development, processing and sales.

"Fuyuan Technology can now produce 200 kg of A-axis sapphire crystal ingots, and produce 150,000 or more 6-inch panels per month."

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